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Hello Friends hows it going

Here is a nice Update you can now see my Off Grid system working.  This Program has been built by Jeremy O’Hara with help From Justin Case, My great Friends from Australia.  This program is a year in the making.  This is a great Program for viewing your system all in one screen shot.  You get to learn from every thing from what your system uses how much.  Click the link and you see my system live in real time.  From being off grid to being one grid.  You will be able to see how much power I’m using both on and off grid.

 McCune’s Power System

Thanks Jeremy O’Hara for your hard work and dedicating to a great Power Monitoring software.

Here is a new update and new add to the website for Renewable Energy.  He is not a new face to the world of Renewable Energy but he has lot to offer from a great looking website, to a great YouTube channel, his name is James Bigger You can find links to his website, and YouTube,  under RE Companies up top and look for Renewable Energy Technology. Or just click this link.

RE Consumers ( The Real Renewable Energy Team) Keeping it Real.  Here is a group of Friends and people keeping it real, and fighting for your rights to a better life.

     For a wind turbine to get on this Site and to be promoted by me will have to be rated at a 30 MPH wind speed. To be a top of my list of turbines to have you will have to produce 1kw at or before 15mph Your turbine will have to be used with MPPT or PWM, they will have to have  video on  RPM, Wind speed, Watts, Volts, Current, battery bank wiring all in the same video set up. Every thing will have to be documented.  Battery bank size wire size Breakers, and so forth before I will ever promote a turbine on this Site.

Live view of my solar set up Using MPP inverter charge controller. Here is a link to were you can read more on the MPP inverter charger I have http://www.mppsolar.com/v3/pip-ms-series/

Live View, Meters Camera


CEO Charles McCune