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Hurricane Wind Power

This is a Great friend Tony Jones.   He has a great company Sell’s great products and has a a wonderful YouTube channel showing his products and reviews of other products,

You can Find Tony’s YouTube Channels, eBay, and Website links on the right hand side bare, stop by his YouTube Channel or stop by is eBay and his website and look a round,  HE has great deals on all kinds of Renewable Products from Wind turbines to Solar panels to charge controllers.  So stop by give him a holler. Tell Him that McCune’s Wind and Solar sent yea.

Here is a nice video for you, Tony Jones will be doing a multi part video series on wind turbines and solar.  There is a lot of misconceptions companies use to sell there products Tony will Teach you the ends and outs, of the products and how they work, and let you the consumer, or even a new guy getting in to Renewable Energy to either Go Off Grid, or are looking to lower your current Power Bill, or for Back Up Power when you need it most.  So many company’s will sell dreams and wishes and so many company’s over rate there produces, to the point they hurt the Renewable Energy market. There are company’s that have lied about their out puts, to sell there products,  Tony in his video series will help you weed out what products are good, and witch are just dream’s.

On the Right Side Bar, are links to Tony’s YouTube channels and other resources he offers.

This is Tony CEO of Hurricane Wind power’s first video.

Residential wind turbines How to understanding home wind power why now 101 part 1