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McCune’s Power Solar System

Hello Friends

On this page you can click links to my live view status of my Solar System.  You will be able to see when and when I’m off grid.  You will be able to see how much Solar I have brought in from my Solar set up. You will be able to see how much power my home has used at the time.  I hop later I will be able to show how much solar my home used and created and how much grid power I used and then the total power my home use with both grid and solar.   IE  my home used 10 kw of solar and 20 kw of grid power for a total over all power uses of 30kw.  This way as my system grows Both you and me can see me getting closer to closer getting off grid.

On the sidebar to the right you can click on my system live view, and also the charts I provided links on this page and sidebar for fast viewing of my systems live stream.

As of now I have wired in Series, Parallel.  I have 6, 145 watt DM solar, 2, 158 watt DM solar 4, 120 watt Kyocera’s, and 4, 150 watt Hight Tech solar panels for a total of 2260 watts.  237 AH battery bank for 48 volts,  I have a IPS MPP  4048ms Inverter/Charger/solar charge controller.  I have my entire power room/office, and 3 circuit’s in the house all running off this system.  all my lights and outlets frig, freezer are hooked to this system and a window ac unite.   In the summer I will be using more power with the AC unite running, Cant wait to build my system were I dont have to rely on the grid any more but with this new software created by Jeremy O’Hara, I will be able to watch my system grow, and so will you.

So fell free click the links below or on the right hand sidebar.

McCune’s Power System

McCune’s Power System Charts


If you like you can also see on the sidebar links to the Crater of this software Jeremy O’Hara,  and links to Justin Case another friend that is also using and testing this software.  Justin Case AKA (Chris) have been working together on this software for about a year now.  Chris has help with art work and the sorts and many ideas that have been put in to this software.  I’m a new user of this software, and unlike Chris who is completely off grid I’m still on grid so there are a few other things I like to see, that are being worked on.  As I stated before I like to see my total Solar usage, and my total Grid usage and then my over all total usage.  So I can see how much my system is using of Solar V’s the Grid.   So I can watch my system move more an more toward off grid as I mentioned before.

So if you like Check out links I have provided for Jeremy O’Hara, and Justin Case, there will be links to there YouTube channel, and there Live solar view as well.