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Here is a great Company that Sell’s American Made Solar Panels at about $1.10 a watt on there eBay store. Only if they had a website.   On the Right Side bare you can Click there eBay store if you are interested in buying there Solar Panels.

If you are interested in buying panels in America here is the contact info below for the company:

High Tech Solar INC.
1023 US hwy 212 Michigan City, IN 46360

High Tech Solar If you like to visit the High Tech Solar Store click the link to the left to take you to there eBay store. They are selling there 150 watt solar panels for $165.00. They are nice solar panels you will not be disappointed. Below are the Panels I have bought from High Tech Solar INC. through there eBay account they are nice and working Great, Thanks High Tech Solar.


Made in USA

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