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Hello Friends

I have told you I will only support company’s that support their Consumers, and produce a product I like.  I have not yet tested a Turbine or system from Thermodyne Systems. But one day I will get a chance and when I do it will be Live. Live out put video and data will be listed under this page, along with the items used.

Thermodyne Systems has a new Mounting Bracket they have been working on for a while, It is there new Tilt Back Bracket, this is a one of a kind, They are the only company that has built such a device to help improve performance, and longevity of there products. This is a beautiful piece of work its like art work they put in to their products.   Below is a Video Crated by Thermodyne Systems on the assembly of there new  TILTER WIND TURBINE.

Below is a video Created by Thermodyne Systems This shows there Tilt back Mount in action.  This mount can be adjusted for any Turbine using the Thermodyne Systems Wind Turbine Generators.  This mount can be fit with different plates sold by Thermodyne Systems, to mount on a pole from 1.5 in OD pipe up to 2.5 OD Pipe.  There is a spring and a cam on this mount that can be adjusted for different generators and wind speeds, to fine tune this Tilt back mount for any wind speed.  Watch the videos below to learn more about Thermodyne’s new Tile Back Wind Turbine Mounting Bracket.

Up furling tilting unibody wind turbine behaving in 20 to 50 MPH winds

Thermodyne Systems Unibody Up Furling Wind Turbine