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The last Picture you see is a project I’m working on you can view videos on my YouTube page link to that is also up top. This is just a prototype that i’m working on once I get it all done and the final product built I will be selling those on this website soon. This will be a great Item for those living in areas that have Hurricanes, tornado’s and such. This will be a complete kite, all you have to do is plug in the solar panels charge up the batteries in it, you then will be able to charge cell phones and power small appliances until your main power comes back on line. Down Below are some videos of the Solar charge controller build.

you can also click on the other link I have that is part of the drop down, its locked right under Video Links, you can view my Meter camera directly.
You can also click on the live video feed, that is also located under the video links drop down and view all three of my cameras. Here you can also see my turbine and my front yard, and also my meters. This option is some time down, do to the script running on my laptop. I will have to move this to a decataged computer for this so its not down a lot.. Thanks for taking the time to view.
User Name is friends
and password is 1234

You as a friend can move this camera a round if you like. you may see me in the shop working ect.
Enjoy. But when you are done playing please place camera back so others can see, the meters ect. Thanks
From Management Charles McCune.